Creativity: There is more than “one way”

Picture of upside down one way signThis road sign is near a shopping center in my town. There is a truth we can learn from it. A message can be conveyed more than “one way” through creativity.

Creativity is important in telling your business story.  A website or social media can be used to tell your business story.  What is your story?  What is your mission, vision or values statements?  Are you staying focused in your business practices, as well as, in the messaging you relay?  Social media venues such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and others also make it easy to tell your story to thousands, even millions (if you have a video telling your story–it could go viral).

Remember—the Internet knows no boundaries, but focus on where you are going!

It is important to keep in mind who your target audience is when you share your stories, and that you choose the media venue. For example, Facebook is popular, but you may not get the following you are looking for in your business.

Signs, like social media, can be used creatively to relay messages, but which way or venue should you use for Social Media marketing?  Each social media company provides an annual report relaying demographic information about their user population.  Pinterest is primarily used by women.  It may be the latest craze, but is it the right venue for sharing your business story?   Twitter statistically is used by teenagers and millennials.  LinkedIn is typically used for connecting with professionals.  Just because there are many Social Media directions, does not mean you need to be going in all those directions.  I recommend investing in media venues where your potential customers go.

Let me help you evaluate what social media tool would be best used for your business.  I can point you in the right direction.