Process Improvement: Treasure Hunt To Save Thousands

Picture of a treasure chest“Company XYZ” came to me a few months ago—processes needed change.  They currently used three different software systems to collect data from their clients.  An additional challenge was that the systems did not talk to each other.

They had various office locations throughout the area.  Unfortunately, using the three systems made it challenging to use the data easily for marketing purposes.  I mean, why collect the data if it cannot be used for future marketing purposes?

What to do?

XYZ asked me to begin a treasure hunt.  They asked me to study the processes for improvement at the varying locations, and find one software system that could meet their needs.  I requested an orientation with one of their super users to learn the current software systems.  Then I interviewed other staff to see what features they use frequently, and what features they would like to have in the future.

Over a three month period, I connected with six different software vendors, exchanged many discussions with the representatives, and reviewed web demos trying to find Company XYZ’s dream software.  Four out of the six companies even came for in-person demonstrations of their software.  I found these sessions to be very helpful to my study, because the super users participated in these demos.  They would often pose questions that would emphasize what features were valued for process improvement.

The end result of this quest turned out to be a valuable treasure:

  1. One software system identified to meet and exceed current needs
  2. The software will be purchased rather than paying for annual user licenses

Drum roll please…

  1. Over a period of six years, Company XYZ will save nearly $98,000 by making the change! Needless to say, the company was quite pleased with my findings.

Do you have a process that you would like to have evaluated? Or software you would like investigated for potential purchase?  I can help.

~The Web Lady