Social Media: Hello, operator would you please connect me to…

photo of the telephone game

Do any of you remember the “telephone” game children play?  The object of the game was to pass on a message from one person, to the next, and so on.  By the time the message is received by the last person, the original message is distorted.

Social media is like the telephone game spreading messages to the masses.  It is a media that you as the business owner can use to control the messages shared about your business.  Sally might see your social media message, and she shares that with her friends.  Then one of her friends, Sam, might be the one to contact you for business.

I have heard it said that it takes a message seven times, approached seven different ways before the message will be received by one.  That means I can relay a message via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn two and a half times…two different ways before the message will be received.

Here is one of my social media stories.  Whenever I meet someone or communicate with someone online, I send them an invite to connect via LinkedIn (pending they are a member, of course).  I do this practice because my name or the webinar we mutually participated in is fresh in their minds.  A few years’ back, I met a lady at a health fair.  We connected on LinkedIn at the time.  She moved on to another job, but we communicated occasionally via LinkedIn.  Years later she inquired about utilizing my services as The Web Lady.  You never know when someone crosses your path if your paths may cross again down the career road.

To address the second question…why should my company be active in social media?

Let’s go back to the telephone game scenario.  A message is passed from one person to another.  By the time it the message is received down the line, the message has been distorted.  Participating in social media venues is pro-active marketing.

Are you limiting the scope of your company’s reach by not actively participating in social media?  Don’t know where to begin or don’t have the time?  I can help you establish your social media accounts for your business; and can routinely manage your posts for you.  I can also set-up google analytics reporting to prove the return on your website investment.  Let me help you work smarter, not harder!

~ The Web-Lady