The insanity of finding balance in business

worklife balance diagram

worklife balance diagramShould your epitaph state this lady multitasked herself to death?  Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months?

Perhaps you say the same excuse I do, “But, it’s all good!…for business, that is.”  Nay, nay, I say.  Our well being and our health demand more.  If we do not take care of ourselves, who will?  Sole proprietors if we do not schedule balance, there will be NO business.

Do you recall the Seinfield episode where the characters would holler, “Serenity now!”?  This expression was an outlet to dispel the emotions that were bottling up inside.  I share this scenario with my readers as a gentle reminder that balance of work and life is a constant goal that must be a focal point in our lives.

No one is perfect.  Some weeks may be rougher than others, but take time to take care of yourself.  Life is not to be continuously in the survival of the fittest mode. Life is for the living.

Take time to smell the roses, soak in some sunshine, listen to a bird sing, or read a book to your child.